Amazon’s sweet deal nets you the TP-Link plug for just $18


Smart plugs are a great entryway into the smart home. Plug anything you want into them, and you have retrofit smarts for an ordinary lamp or fan.

Even these simple devices tend to cost as much as $50, but today, you can get the TP-Link Smart Plug for just $18 on Amazon, down from its normal $40 price. The TP-Link Smart Plug Mini is also on sale for $25, down from it’s listed price of $50. To see the discounts, you’ll need to add the items to your cart.

TP-Link’s plugs offer plenty of features. Like the many other available smart plugs, you find an outlet for it, then plug a lamp or fan into the device. TP-Link’s plugs connect directly to your Wi-Fi network, and then allow you to control your old fashioned lamp with an app.

TP-Link’s plugs allows you to control your lamp with your voice as well. They work with both Amazon’s assistant Alexa and the Google Assistant. If you have either company’s always-listening smart speaker — the Amazon Echo or the Google Home — you’ll be able to command whatever electronic you have plugged into either TP-Link switch. That’s a lot of smarts for $18.

Hat tip to Slick deals for spotting the discount.

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