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By Mudit Mohilay, The Tech Portal

Apple seems to be suffering from acute brain drain as several key employees continue leaving the company one after the other. Before Daniel Gross left the company to become a partner at Y Combinator and after Chris Lattner called it quits so as to join Tesla, another important employee had vacated his position. Interestingly, he is also joining Tesla.

Matt Casebolt, who was a product design director for Apple, apparently left the company to join Tesla in December. Mr. Casebolt joined Tesla as its senior engineering director for “closures & mechanisms”.

In case you are wondering, Matt Casebolt was instrumental in many of Apple’s Macbook Pro design exploits. From designing the earliest Macbook Airs, to having a hand in the design of the ‘trash can’ Mac Pro and finally, to the recent revolution that is the touch bar on the latest Macbook Pro — Casebolt’s work is recognizable in some of Apple’s most iconic products.

He also has at least 52 patents to his name, associated with his domain.

Meanwhile, for some incomprehensible reason Tesla seems to have decided that Apple is the perfect place to get new employees. Apple’s VP of Mac Hardware Engineering Doug Field who is now Senior VP of Vehicle Engineering at Tesla. More recently, the automaker manages to entice Apple’s Reliability Director so as to scale up production. Later, it also got its new Head of Communications from Apple’s PR team.

And of course, in the most celebrated exodus of them all, Tesla got Chris Lattner — a Senior Director at Apple and the creator of Swift — to come abroad as the Vice President of Autopilot Software just yesterday.

Of course, Tesla denies it all. In fact, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is known to have remarked that Apple was for people who couldn’t make the cut and get into Tesla. Indeed, he termed it as the “graveyard for fired Tesla employees”. Well, in light of his earlier statement, it does seem rather strange that the vehicle maker is suddenly so keen on sourcing its employees from the iPhone maker.

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