Best Wireless Bluetooth Workout Headphones

There’s no better motivation for working out than your favorite tunes helping you push through the last mile you’re running. Whether you prefer fast-paced music in the gym or relaxing songs when taking a jog in the evening, good Bluetooth workout headphones have become a crucial part of any fitness junkie’s gear.

However, finding the right pair for your needs can be very difficult. That’s exactly why we have decided to make an in-depth review and guide to the world of the best Bluetooth workout headphones money can buy!

To make things more simple, and give you a better overview of 2 main categories, we decided to split our pick to Earbuds on one side, and Over-Ear and On-Ear headphones on the other.



Reviews of The Best Bluetooth Workout Earbuds

1. Powerbeats3 Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Whether you love or hate Beats headphones, you simply can’t deny that they’ve shown that they know the market for the best workout earbuds quite well. Their Powerbeats3 model combines a bass-heavy sound and durability quite nicely.


Following a pretty similar hook design as the previous model we’ve mentioned, this model offers a very tight fit and secure ear placement.

A nice addition is four different sized ear tips that should make for a nice and tight fit no matter the size of your ear canal.

The noise isolation is nothing special, with some of the other models we’ve tested performing better than the Powerbeats3. Though placing these Bluetooth sports earbuds in your ears may seem a bit difficult at first, after a couple of times using them, you shouldn’t have any problems whatsoever.


Being fairly lightweight, the Powerbeats3 are generally comfortable, with just noticeable pressure appearing after a couple of hours of use.

The ear hooks are big and flexible and grab your ears in a way that secures them without any discomfort. The cables, however, are free to dangle around, which may be a problem for some people.

A small plastic button is used to adjust the length of the cable on the back of your neck, but we found that even then it can bounce around on your back and be a bit distracting.


The folks at Beats definitely improved the overall build quality and durability of the Powerbeats3 when compared to the previous version.

Materials used for this model offer solid durability and give the earbuds a premium feel to the touch.

The cable though lightweight feels strong enough and probably will last longer. The only downside would have to be the seal on the in- line controls.

Sweat and water tend to get inside the controls and make them unresponsive after exposure to a certain amount of moisture.

Bluetooth Performance

Battery life and charge time are definitely where the Powerbeats3 dominate over the other wireless sports headphones.

With around 12h of battery life, you can use these buds when you’re working out, as well as the rest of the day. Even the range is phenomenal, with the connection breaking at distances you probably won’t even test out in real life use.

Just 5 minutes on the charger provides enough juice for 1 hour of use, enough for a quick jog if you forgot to charge them the night before.


As expected from Beats headphones, this model is also pretty bass heavy, with average mids and highs.

If you’re an audiophile, chances are that you already know why to steer away from any Beats products. However, for the majority of users out there, the Powerbeats3 will do just fine.

Pop, rap, and other bass-heavy genres shine on these earbuds, so if you listen mostly to those genres, definitely consider this model.


  • Comfortable
  • Durable design
  • Amazing range and battery life
  • Bass- heavy audio signature


  • In- line controls susceptible to moisture
  • Average noise- isolation
  • Some may not like the bass-heavy sound

If you are already a Beats fan and are looking for a good pair of sport Bluetooth headphones, the Powerbeats3 are a great option.

3. BeatsX Wireless In-Ear Headphones

Yet another great example of Beats earbuds wireless workout option, the BeatsX offer a somewhat different approach than the already mentioned Powerbeats3.


The BeatsX feature a smart design making them fit ears of most if not all sizes and shapes quite nicely.

The trick Apple used when designing this model was simple yet very effective. The part of the cable that sits at the back of your neck is the heaviest, making the buds themselves and the rest of the cable very light. This way, no matter how fast or hard you jerk your head around, the buds don’t budge.

The tips themselves feel very soft and premium to the touch, and make a  good seal in your ear canal. With four different pairs of tips and two sets of additional wings for an extra good fit, you won’t have trouble keeping these in your ears.


As we’ve just stated, the overall design makes the BeatsX very comfortable to wear, even for longer periods of time.

Though having a cable dangling freely may not seem like the best solution, the weight distribution and the choice of using a flat cable made this model almost unnoticeable when using.

Having a flat cable not only makes it tangle- free, but also contours nicely to the back of your neck.

The controls are ergonomically placed, and while being simple, they’re very easy to reach and use.


The BeatsX show what some of the best sports earbuds must have. A good build alongside not just sweat, but water resistance as well.

The choice of materials is at a quality level you would already expect from Beats. Though they’re made of plastic, it feels and looks good, and most importantly, can take a beating from regular use.

As they are officially water- resistant, you don’t have to worry about sweat or even rain damaging them. However, consider taking them off when taking a shower just in case.

Bluetooth Performance

Though coming from Apple, the BeatsX are both iOS and Android compatible and boast both quick charge and a decent battery life.

As this model uses the new W1 chip, pairing these puppies up with your phone has never been easier. Simply bring them close to your device and it will prompt you automatically.

Quick charge gives you around 25% of battery in less than 5 minutes, with a total of 8 hours of battery life. Though this is somewhat a standard when it comes to battery life, the fact that this model supports quick charge makes it worth it.


Unlike most other Beats headphones, the BeatsX offer a relatively flat response.

In terms of sealing the outside noise, though the buds themselves won’t pop out easily, we could still hear people talking around us, at a medium volume level.

The highs could be a bit brighter, and the mids could be slightly more accented, but the fact there is no bass boost makes them sound pretty good.

So if you don’t really listen to bass- heavy music, but like the design and features Beats earbuds provide, this model is definitely for you.


  • Durable and beautiful Beats design
  • Minimalistic yet comfortable
  • Quick charge compatible
  • Relatively flat frequency response


  • A tad too expensive
  • The highs could sound more clear
  • A lightning port for charging may not be as convenient as a USB port would

All things said, the BeatsX by Apple offer a flatter, more versatile running Bluetooth headphones experience.

5. Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones

No headphones review would be complete without including at least one model from Bose. Their SoundSport model is a great example of what the best Bluetooth headphones for working out should look like.


Unlike the wired version which is nice and thin, the wireless SoundSport running earbuds boast a bigger form factor but fit quite nicely nonetheless.

With interchangeable bud tips being somewhat a standard, it all really comes to the body of the buds when talking about getting a secure fit. The Bose wireless headphones utilize soft tips alongside flexible wings in order to lock securely in your ears.

Though a bit on the heavier side, we didn’t have any problems with them falling out, no matter how hard we tried. They really stay put once you’ve placed them correctly.


The Bose SoundSport wireless headphones for running do stick out of your ears a bit, but are pretty much unnoticeable, even after hours of wearing them.

Having to make a compromise between staying in your ears and being comfortable didn’t seem to be a problem for Bose. Both the tips and wings were soft and flexible enough not to put too much pressure on the earlobe and canal.

Though the cable that’s connecting the two earpieces isn’t flat, we didn’t feel like it was dangling too much or getting in the way.


Sure, they are made of plastic, but the overall feel can only be described as solid and long-lasting.

Bose made sure to seal all of the nooks and crannies nicely, making this model sweat- proof. Just be careful, as the 1st generation of this particular model had some problems with moisture getting inside the buds themselves.

Bose offered free replacements if you had the older version, so check which generation you’re getting before making a purchase. The improved model (the one that we had the chance to try out) doesn’t have that problem anymore.

Bluetooth Performance

With NFC pairing as a feature, you won’t have any trouble connecting these puppies to your phone.

An average range of about 30 feet is good enough for most circumstances. Just be sure to keep your phone on your right-hand side, as the connection seems to be better that way.

Battery life clock in at around 6 hours, a bit less than the standard, as we’ve had the chance to see when comparing all of the different models. If you’re not a power user, they will definitely last you about a week, with an hour or so of use each day.


Surprisingly, the low end could use a slight boost!

That’s definitely not something we can say often about headphones. Though bass is present, it would be nice if there was slightly more of it.

The mids could use some improvements, but definitely less than the low end. Then again, it’s kind of a personal preference at the end of the day.

Highs were definitely where Bose hit the spot. They are on point, and no matter how high the volume, they sound crisp and clear.


  • Nice fit
  • Passive isolation is on point
  • Very crisp highs
  • Reasonably priced


  • May appear as too bulky for some users
  • Below average battery life
  • The lows and mids could be better

If you’re not a power user and don’t really care that much about getting a higher quality audio experience, the Bose SoundSport Wireless Headphones are a reasonably priced pair of workout headphones to go with.

7. Sony MDR-XB50BS

Sony as a company has proven so far as a high-quality manufacturer when it comes to audio equipment. But how do their MDR-XB50BS running earphones compare to other models?


Combining nicely fitting ear tips with rubber hooks makes the MDR-XB50BS stay put no matter how hard you work out.

Sony knows that having multiple options for both tips and rubber wings is important in order to achieve a tight fit. The provided accessories are definitely very helpful.

At the end of the day, trying out different combinations of tips and wings are crucial, especially if you have exceptionally small or large ears.


While the buds themselves look a bit larger than other models we’ve reviewed so far, they feel pretty comfortable.

Honestly, they are kind of heavier than others, but definitely not to a point that it makes them unusable.

The flat cable helps a lot, as it is not too long and sits snugly on your neck or the top of your shoulders, depending on how big or small your head and neck are.

Though totally wireless earphones for running are definitely more comfortable, the MDR-XB50BS are very close.


At first glance, these earbuds may come across as feeling a bit cheap, but that is not the case at all!

Rubberizing the most of the body has proven to be a very effective method, both in terms of making the whole device much more durable and water/ sweat proof.

They kind of feel like gummy worms. Flexible, yet strong enough not to break when you accidentally tug or pull them.

These are officially IPX4 “splash- proof”, meaning that they can withstand normal sweat or rain circumstances. Though they look like you could use them on more extreme occasions, we don’t recommend doing so.

Bluetooth Performance

Average battery life and range are what the MDR-XB50S are all about.

You can pair these up via NFC or Bluetooth fairly easily. When it comes to battery life, Sony went with a safe bet, with the battery clocked at around 8.5 hours of listening time.

A standard micro USB cable is used to charge them, so you don’t have to worry about carrying a special cable around just for your earbuds.


Sony markets this model as bass- heavy, and for a good reason.

Audiophiles, just look away. Don’t get me wrong, the bass isn’t bad, there’s just a lot of it.

Personally, I prefer headphones with a flat or near- flat frequency response. However, I truly found the MDR-XB50S  to be bass heavy, sure, but it was better than I expected.

I suppose that was because the sound was so darn clear. I didn’t mind the boosted low end because it complemented both the mids and highs in a way that it was all rounded up quite nicely.


  • Very clear audio
  • Rubberized and durable buds
  • The flat cable complements the comfortable buds
  • IPX4 splash proof


  • Average battery life
  • A bit on the heavier side

So, who are these for? Well, if you find yourself dropping your headphones often, or running in the rain, definitely consider getting the Sony MDR-XB50S.

9. Jaybird Freedom F5 In-Ear Wireless Headphones

Yet another model from Jaybird, but with a slightly different approach. The Freedom F5 In-Ear Wireless Headphones have some neat little tricks up their sleeves.


With 4 pairs of both clip-on wings and earbud tips, you are definitely going to achieve a secure fit.

Jaybird has shown with the X3 that they know how important getting the right fit is, especially when talking about running earbuds.

The wings are perforated in a way that makes them easier to place in your ears, as well as letting your ears breathe a bit more easily.

As we’ve said before, just try out different tip and wing combinations, and you’re guaranteed to find the right one!


Moving most of the weight to the inline controls was a bold decision with a couple of important consequences.

When it comes to comfort, the less the buds themselves weigh, the better. You really can’t feel them inside your ears after just a couple of days of getting used to them.

However, this means that the inline controls are much heavier than expected. Unless you find a way to keep them in one place, moving around can result in the whole device swinging more than what we would describe as comfortable.


Jaybird didn’t make compromises. They kept the Freedom F5s stylish and durable at the same time.

At first glance, you wouldn’t think that these buds are sweat- proof, let alone waterproof. The minimalistic design took advantage of a hydrophobic nanocoating in order to keep moisture out without looking too bulky.

The cable seems a bit thicker, which was a good decision, as the already mentioned in- line controls tend to drag it more than with other models.

As the buds are metal, you definitely don’t have to worry about accidentally dropping them.

Bluetooth Performance

A simple yet effective idea gives the Freedom F5s a nice boost in battery life.

Besides the standard 8 hours of playback time, you can attach the provided clip in order to gain additional 4 hours of battery life!

However, keep in mind that if you lose the clip, you won’t be able to charge the headphones. The already heavy control piece gets even heavier, so it’s probably best if you use the clip only as a backup option, as running with it attached gets pretty annoying pretty fast.


The Jaybird app rounds up the solid audio signature of the earbuds quite nicely.

The earphones themselves are honestly too bass heavy for my taste. Though the sound is very clear and accurate, dialing down the low end is a must, unless you prefer that kind of sound.

Playing around with the app is not only fun but gives you the freedom of shaping the sound to match your needs. Unfortunately, you can’t toggle the EQ presets on the headphones themselves, which would have been a neat feature they could have included.


  • Sleek design
  • Very durable build
  • EQ presets in the app
  • Additional battery life with the clip


  • The cable is too heavy, especially when using the battery clip
  • If you lose the battery clip, you can’t charge the headphones

If you don’t mind the additional weight of the controls on the cable and are looking for a pair of minimalistic yet durable workout headphones, the Freedom F5s by Jaybird is the way to go.

Reviews of The Best Bluetooth On-Ear and Over-Ear Workout Headphones

1. 66 Audio BTS+

66 Audio presents their take at Bluetooth workout headphones with their BTS+ model. It features a slim headband design and ear cups with buttons which allow you to control everything when it comes to listening to music and taking calls.


The headband on these headphones is something between a regular headband and a neckband. It does take getting used to, but we found that it was very useful and keeps the headphones in place.

The main advantage of going with a design like this is that you can wear a beanie, cap, or helmet without the headphone band getting in the way.

The on-ear cups don’t have to press on your ears that much, as the band hooks behind your earlobes in order to achieve a better fit.

Though the headphones will move slightly when, for example, jumping up and down, the movement is so minimal, you won’t really notice it.


While the ear cups are very soft and comfortable, the hook behind the lobes can get slightly uncomfortable.

The weight distribution of the BTS+ makes for a good experience. They are centered in a way that you won’t feel them slipping off or pressing against your head in any place.

The only downside would be the part of the headband that goes behind the earlobes. It can brush against the sides of your head slightly, which gets a bit annoying after some time wearing them.


Flexible yet sturdy, the BTS+ are solid and built to last.

While not officially sweat or waterproof, we didn’t seem to mind that. Sure, they get pretty sweaty after having them on your head and working out, but the BTS+ didn’t seem to care.

Cleaning them, however, can be a bit difficult, as simply washing them with water isn’t recommended.

Using them in rainy conditions shouldn’t be a problem, but keeping them soaked in water doesn’t look like a smart thing to do.

Bluetooth Performance

Featuring up to 30h of battery life, the BTS+ by 66 audio take the second place when it comes to battery performance in the category of on- ear and over- ear working headphones.

Though boasting a relatively slim profile and form factor, this model will last you a good week of moderate to heavy use.

Connection range is solid, with occasional stuttering and glitching. Taking calls is smooth, the built-in mic is average, and the onboard buttons work nicely.

The BTS+ even feature noise cancellation when using the mic for taking calls. Definitely a useful feature, especially when running around the city.


With average noise isolation, you will need to crank up the volume a bit more than usual.

The low end while being more on the boosted side, is pretty thick and clear. Mids and highs could be more accented, but the overall sound signature of these headphones is surprisingly good.

While being able to hear oncoming traffic when working out outside, the passive isolation lets the surrounding noise in more than we’ve expected. Not something you would want at all times. 


  • Outstanding battery life
  • Useful controls on the earcups
  • Decent audio signature
  • Very affordable


  • Noise isolation could be better
  • Bluetooth dropouts are present

The neckband-ish design is perfect for anyone who wears any type of headwear while working out. With a low price tag of under $50, the BTS+ is a great budget-friendly investment.

3. Urbanears Hellas On-Ear

Urbanears Hellas On-Ear wireless workout headphones feature an interesting and unique design at an affordable price point.


While the material on the earcups seems as rough at first, after a couple of days, the Hellas fit perfectly.

The pressure these exert on the earlobes is balanced very nicely. It’s enough for the headphones to stay on your head without pressing too much.

As the headband features a very similar padding to the earcups, with the same material present but a bit thinner, it really helps to keep the whole thing put.

When compared to other on-ear headphones, the experience is much better.


The thick pads feel nice,  and don’t appear to heat up the ears too much.

The trick Urbanears used is having the relatively thick pads covered with a mesh material. It was a great decision, as your ears can breathe while you’re working out.

Probably the best thing about this model is that you can simply strip the material off the cups and throw it in the washing machine, with the transport/ washing bag included in the bundle.


While the construction may seem as flimsy, the Hellas perform quite well and feel solid and durable.

The plastic used for this model feels a bit better than the one used in most other competitor models. Having braided cables is always a good thing, especially when talking about headphones which may have to endure more stress.

Though the Hellas aren’t water or sweat- resistant, we don’t think they would have any trouble performing under those conditions, and you can always wash the parts that, at the end of the day, gather the most dirt.

Bluetooth Performance

14 Hours of battery life may be somewhat of a standard when it comes to wireless on-ear headphones, but that doesn’t make the Hellas any less cool.

The main feature that makes this model special is the ability to take calls and control basic media playback by simply swiping on the cups with your finger.

While this may seem like an unnecessary gimmick, we found that it was way more useful than having to fiddle around searching for the right button to press, especially while running.

The built-in mic could be a bit better, as the audio quality is below average.


Not that good of a performance when playing more complicated tracks?

The main problem is that Bluetooth can have problems with songs which have multiple instruments going off all at once.

However, the drivers themselves are quite nice. The low end isn’t boosted heavily, and the mids and highs are present and clear enough.  Overall experience is a bit better than average, but still not bad.

I guess the focus was more on having touch controls than actually sounding nice.


  • Solid build
  • Braided cables
  • Washable band/ cup covers
  • Touch controls


  • Average audio signature
  • Connection is a bit glitchy at times

If you’re looking for more of a different approach to workout headphones, definitely consider getting the Hellas.

5. Trainer by Gibson TH100/27

Gibson sports headphones? Yup, we were as surprised as you are when we found the TH100/27. How do they perform?


While the on-ear design without the actual cutout may seem as not capable of providing a nice fit, the TH100s were quite a surprise.

It seems that the pressure these exert on the ears is enough for them to stay put. If you have relatively big ears, the cups may even fit inside your lobes completely, securing themselves even more.

You can even extend the neckband that’s concealed inside the headband if you feel you need more stabilization while running.

With Usain Bolt inspiring the design, you shouldn’t have to worry about these falling off your head even at high speed running.


The padding on the earcups gives your ears a very nice and comfortable experience.

Even though the whole headset may feel as they are applying more pressure on your head and earlobes than other models, the fact that the cups are padded nicely means that wearing these for a long period of time won’t be uneasy.

As the additional neckband is rubberized, it shouldn’t be uncomfortable, no matter the size of your head.


While this model may seem like a pair of boutique headphones, it is surprisingly durable.

Gibson made sure to use high-quality materials when manufacturing the Trainer. Sweat and waterproofing weren’t forgotten and is definitely a nice feature to include in any pair of workout headphones.

The mesh cup covers are designed by NASA, with the general idea being that they would take moisture away with the help of your skin changing temperature.

While we can’t really say it’s because of that, the headphones definitely don’t feel sticky or sweaty.

Bluetooth Performance

The battery life these provide may be less than average, but that doesn’t make the Trainer a pair of bad headphones.

Having 10 hours of playback time should be enough for most people. Of course, power users may find this being a dealbreaker.

The connection is stable, and the onboard controls work nicely. However, the positioning of the buttons could be better, as they are sometimes hard to reach, especially while you’re running.


Unfortunately, the overall audio experience isn’t that special.

Sure, the mids and highs are generally clear. The bass isn’t overpowering and has a nice kick to it.

However, the audio signature appears to be kind of muddy. The fact that the very comfortable pads don’t isolate the outside noise quite well generally attributes to a bland sound altogether.

Unless you plan on using these in a fairly quiet setting, chances are you won’t like the sound that they provide.


  • Very comfortable
  • Fit very nicely
  • Appealing design


  • Weak audio performance
  • Almost no noise isolation

If style and comfort are what you’re looking for, the Gibson Trainer TH100/27s may just be for you.

What to Look For When Buying Bluetooth Workout Headphones?

Let’s take a look at the most important specs and features the best workout headphones should have!

Crucial Features

Unlike regular earbuds and headphones, workout headphones should meet certain expectations. Here are the most important ones:

  • Snug fit
  • Sweat resistance
  • Solid build
  • Good noise isolation
  • Decent battery life
  • High-quality audio 

Think of sports headphones like this: they are primarily a piece of workout equipment. In order for them to serve a purpose, they mustn’t stand in your way when you’re working out.

Chances are that you’re going to hit them or even drop them on certain occasions, so build quality has to be decent enough for them to not break easily.

Whether you’re running outside or working out in a gym, noise isolation is an important factor, as the surroundings can get pretty loud.

As with any Bluetooth device, battery life plays an important role, and workout earbuds are no exception.

At the end of the day, as with any headphones, you want a crystal clear sound. Don’t sacrifice audio quality over any of the mentioned features. Though it may cost you more, workout earphones with poor audio quality are a bad investment altogether.

Earbuds or Headphones? Which are More Suitable for Working Out?

When it comes to different form factors, the focus is primarily on the fit.

Earbuds, in general, provide a better fit, and won’t fall out of your ears that often. Sound isolation is better, resulting in a better listening experience as well.

Headphones, on the other hand, tend to be too bulky and heavy, and can easily slip off.  However, there are some models out there which provide a solid alternative for people that work out but don’t really like using earbuds.

At the end of the day, earbuds seem like the better option. If you really can’t stand the feeling of having something inside your ears, consider the on- ear and over- ear models we’ve reviewed.

Wireless or Wired? What’s Better for Exercising?

Personal preferences aside, here are the pros and cons of wireless workout headphones:


  • No cables to restrict your movement
  • Smaller form factor
  • Less weight on your head
  • Won’t get tangled with the rest of your equipment
  • You don’t have to keep your phone/ mp3 player on you at all times


  • Need to be charged
  • Audio quality isn’t always great
  • Generally more expensive

It all depends on what you find the most important. Personally, we find wired headphones to be too restricting. It’s only a matter of time when you’re going to snap them out of your ears accidentally.

Not only can you hurt yourself, but you can easily break the buds themselves to a point beyond fixing.

Tips for Improving your Wireless Workout Earbuds

When you finally decide which model to get, there are still a couple of things you can do in order to improve your experience:

  • Get custom molded tips – There are relatively inexpensive ways to do this. It will improve the fit as well as the audio experience
  • Smart cable management – Route the cable that’s connecting the two earpieces in a way that it doesn’t get in the way. If you have long hair, you can always use your hair clips and secure the cable to your hair
  • Use add-ons for the best fit – Many of the best workout earbuds come with additional parts that fit on the outside of your ear for a better fit. Try them out, as they can make a huge difference when you’re, for example, running

Is Showering with My Workout Bluetooth Headphones Safe?

Well, it all depends on the IPX rating of the model you’re using. However, some manufacturers don’t like to reveal the actual rating of their products.

Having sweatproof, or even waterproof earbuds doesn’t necessarily mean that they can work in the shower.

Unless you’ve checked with the company itself, it’s better to just take them off when you shower after working out.

Conclusion Time!

As you’ve had the chance to see, there really are different workout headphones and earbuds you can get. Let’s take a look at our pick in terms of different categories:

Best Sounding Earbuds – Jaybird X3, we found that it had the most accurate audio signature.

Most Durable Earbuds – Jaybird Freedom F5, metal buds, and a thick cable do the job.

Budget-Friendly Earbuds – Mpow Bluetooth Headphones, very good value for a low price.

Best Sounding On-Ear Headphones – 66 Audio BTS+, though isolation could be better, the sound was pretty good.

Most Durable On-Ear Headphones – Monster iSport Freedom, very sturdy and flexible.

Budget-Friendly On-Ear Headphones – Urbanears Hellas, though they are not the cheapest ones we’ve reviewed, they definitely show a great quality to price ratio.

There you have it, folks! We hope that you found this review and buying guide helpful. As always, thank you for reading, and we’ll see you in the next one!

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