BMW and Nissan to bring Microsoft’s Cortana to Cars

Whilst Google and Amazon battle it out for the voice assistant of the smart home, Microsoft seems to be taking a different route by targeting vehicle infotainment systems. Both BMW and Nissan are currently working with Microsoft as part of it’s Connected Vehicle Platform to bring it’s Cortana voice assistant to future vehicles. Nissan demonstrated the integration in a concept video asking “What is my schedule?” with Cortana replying with it’s usual functionality. They also demonstrated the the ability for Cortana to suggest shortcuts and download maps overnight as well as Cortana asking “shall I engage auto park?”.

Microsoft is planning on previewing it’s Connected Vehicle Platform later this year. It leverages it’s Azure cloud platform to allow manufacturers to build autonomous cars, maintain vehicles and provide navigation and Cortana capabilities. “Microsoft is not building its own connected car,” explains Peggy Johnson, Microsoft’s business development executive. “Instead, we want to help automakers create connected car solutions that fit seamlessly with their brands.”

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