Guardzilla’s nosy 360 camera sees your whole smart home – Video

[MUSIC] The $230 Guardzilla 360 is not like most indoor d.i.y.
security cameras.
Instead of having a fixed angle or pan tilt zoom capability Is the 360 cam gives you a 24/7, 360 degree view.
Pull up the feed, or a saved clip to see exactly what’s happening from every possible vantage point, at the same time.
That’s the continuous live, panoramic video feed in 1712 by 1712 pixels resolution.
Guardzilla’s premium 360 cam also doubles as an all-in-one home Security system.
Arm or disarm it from the related app, or set it to auto arm so the system will automatically arm when you leave home.
It also has a built in 100 decibel siren, to scare away intruders when the system is armed and motion is detected.
Cloud storage is free for two days, but there are optional subscription levels, and professional monitoring available for an additional fee as well.
The 360 also works with the Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Samsung SmartThings, IFTTT, and Nest.
So you have a bunch of advanced voice control and automation options to choose from.
I’m not in love with the Guardzilla app though.
It’s simple enough to navigate, but it looks pretty outdated.
The full featured Guardzilla 360 is a fine camera, but your everyday home security DIYer won’t You need a 360 degree live feed or want to spend an extra 30 bucks for this feature.
But it is a good choice if you’re trying to cover a large area and can only get one camera.

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