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» TrendForce forecasts oversupply and price drop in 1Q18 NAND Flash market. Production capacity expansion and low season are main causes. TechNews

» Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Launches World’s First 14TB HDD with Conventional Magnetic Recording TechNews

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» Toshiba Electronic Devices & Storage Corporation Launches 4-channel High-Efficiency Linear Power Amplifier for Car Audio TechNews

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At a client dinner last week in Amsterdam we turned from talking digital transformation and customer experience to a more future-oriented topic:  What’s going to happen in the next 20 years? It was a great group, including KLM (the airline), KPN (the telecom company), ABN Ambro (largest bank in the Netherlands), Alliander (the electrical grid …


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Sure Alexa can sing you a song but can you clap back at her? A new product by the makers of the Freewrite lets you do just that. Called Clapboss, this smiling dongle lets you clap up to four times to activate various things around your house. Clap twice to turn off your lights! Three …

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The global research company TrendForce held 2018 Forum on Key Trends in Electronic Components Industry on December 7, 2017. Here are the key excerpts from the forum. Mobile DRAM Mobile DRAM prices have been going up since 3Q16, and the main specifications saw an average price growth of around 40% up to now. The price …

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You might not be familiar with the name “Beach Body”, but I’ll bet you know “P90X”. Still scratching your head? Think 10 years ago and late night infotainment commercials. Does that ring a bell? I sat down with one of Beachbody’s founders, Jon Congdon to get the scoop on the company’s history and where it’s …

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