Ring’s smart buzzer will actually fit on your doorframe – Video

[MUSIC] This is Ring’s premium smart buzzer, the $249 hardwired Video Doorbell Pro.
For your money you get a slimmed down doorframe friendly version of the company’s larger less expensive video doorbell
[MUSIC] As well as an upgraded 1080p HD resolution.
Like before, you’ll receive alerts whenever motion is detected, or if someone rings the doorbell.
[SOUND] You can also view the live feed on demand, or talk to friends through your phone.
Everything worked consistently well.
The alerts were prompt, and the live feed worked well in both day and night vision.
Vision mode.
I really like that you get advanced control over the motion settings, set detection zone, and schedule when you want to receive alerts.
The one exception was the two times lightning triggered motion alerts, when no other activity was taking place.
This buzzer also works with Iffttt, the Wink app, and select standalone devices like Belkin’s Wemo products and Kevo Lock.
The main thing that bugs me is the $3 you have to pay for cloud video storage.
Otherwise you’ll only be able to view the live feed and respond to alerts in real time.
If space isn’t an issue, also consider the round SkyBell HD.
It has 1080p free cloud storage and a bunch of smart home partnerships all for 200 bucks.
Still, Ring’s video doorbell pro is solid, particularly if you plan to install your buzzer on a narrow door frame.

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