Sony’s Wena Wrist – The Premium Smartwatch

By now, I would have expected manufacturers to have realised smart watches are just as much about aesthetics as they are the technology in them. Sure, there are always the early adopters who put up with sub-standard products in order to get the latest and greatest tech. That’s why I’m surprised that Sony hasn’t taken a leap of faith and gone straight to market with the premium designed Wena Wrist now we are a couple of generations into the smartwatch category.

The Wena (standing for Wear Electronics Naturally) is currently up for sale on Sony’s crowdfunding platform, First Flight. The watch face is styled like a traditional, analogue timepiece yet it’s strap is crammed full of smart tech (this way, owners would only need to upgrade the strap in order to upgrade the whole watch and theoretically reduce upgrade costs). The watch has three main smart features; an NFC wallet (compatible with the Japanese Felica standard), notifications through vibration and a customisable LED on the band and activity tracking (like any other smartwatche). The device was originally planned to have only an iOS companion app but luckily Sony have changed their minds and will develop both an iOS and Android companion app.

1484455760_517_sonys-wena-wrist-the-premium-smartwatch Sony’s Wena Wrist – The Premium SmartwatchBattery life on the Wena strap (where all the smart functionality exists) is estimated at around a week of continuous use with charging time coming in at 1.5 hours whereas the analogue watch face is rated for 3 (“Three Hands” model) and 5 (“Quartz Chronograph” model) years of use. It uses Bluetooth for connectivity to your smartphone and is both IPX5 and IPX7 compliant meaning it can be immersed in water.

The Wena is scheduled to ship in March/April 2017 and prices range from ¥34,800 ($290/£260) for a silver “Three Hands” model up to ¥69,800 ($575/£520) for the “Chronograph” in black. Fingers crossed it gets the funding it needs and makes it’s way out of Japan!

1484455761_108_sonys-wena-wrist-the-premium-smartwatch Sony’s Wena Wrist – The Premium Smartwatch

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