the least disliked programming language (Revolutions)

According to a recent analysis of Stack Overflow “Developer Stories”, where programmer candidates list the technologies the would and would not like to work with, R is the least disliked programming language:

This is probably related to the fact that there’s high demand in the job market for fast-growing technologies, which is a disincentive for listing them on the “would not work with” section of an online resume. As author David Robinson notes:

If you’ve read some of our other posts about the growing and shrinking programming languages, you might notice that the least disliked tags tend to be fast-growing ones. R, Python, Typescript, Go, and Rust are all fast-growing in terms of Stack Overflow activity (we’ve specifically explored Python and R before) and all are among the least polarizing languages.

Read the complete analysis linked below for more insights, including the “most liked” languages and rivalries between languages (where liking one and disliking the other go hand-in-hand).

Stack Overflow blog: What are the Most Disliked Programming Languages?

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