This iPhone Cord Claims to be 40% Stronger Than Kevlar

It’s not often I post about iPhone cables and those alike, but alas, that’s exactly what I’m doing. Why so? A few reasons. First, the company behind these cords, called Syncwire, says that their new line of cables, Unbreakcable (see the “c” in there), are 40% stronger than Kevlar and the “toughest on the market today”. It’s because of that, they’re positioning them as the “last cable” you’ll ever need.

Presumably with that kind of “rating” they’ll never break. But just in case it does – which you know happens overtime to most cables, especially the cheap ones – Syncwire offers a lifetime warranty (that’s the second reason, btw). To be candid, I’m not sure what the Lifetime Warranty really means as there are no details on their site, but the back of the packaging has some playful verbiage that might connect with millennials better than older folks. I can only assume that if the cable does break they’ll send you a new one. How fast and with what stipulations remains to be seen.

1494280449_741_this-iphone-cord-claims-to-be-40-stronger-than-kevlar This iPhone Cord Claims to be 40% Stronger Than Kevlar

That all being said, the cables – they sent me three in total (USB C, iPhone and microUSB) feel like they’re decently made, though they don’t exude the high end feel I’ve come to enjoy with some braided cables. The packaging offers a decent presentation, though the would be cable organizer is something I’m throwing away. Truth be told I’m not sure if they intend one to keep it, but if you do, I’m sure you could wrap other cables around it, such as a pair of earbuds. Lastly, there is no mention of a MFI certification, which is odd, because on Amazon and they’re own site, they claim that their other, previous products are.

Price and where you can buy them you ask? Unknown.

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