Top 10 tips for Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is
changing the way customers think & demand new products or services. There
is so much discussed in various forums as to how to go digital. No
business will undergo digital transformation without making any mistakes. 

Here are my top 10 tips
to make it successful.
Digital internally, externally and celebrate even the small successes!!
It is extremely important
to evangelize the digital within the organization and to the external
stakeholders – employees, partners, suppliers, customers.
Celebrate each and every
small success to make it visible at all levels to increase the moral of the
team and show the value to leadership.

First assess your
organization digital maturity, then identify digital trends impacting your
industry and act!!

1497817147_549_top-10-tips-for-digital-transformation Top 10 tips for Digital Transformation
Getting to know where you
stand on the digital maturity is extremely important so that you can create a
roadmap as to where you want to go. Identify important trends in your industry
and plug the gaps.
Deal first with
Organization’s internal resistance to change, for Digital Transformation!!
1497817147_159_top-10-tips-for-digital-transformation Top 10 tips for Digital Transformation
There are various
organizational politics which will hold you back or stall your digital
transformation efforts. Resolve all the internal politics and resistance to
change before embarking on bigger journey. Culture change is absolutely essential.

what Customer need from your service, not what your organization thinks they
need. Transform accordingly.
1497817147_556_top-10-tips-for-digital-transformation Top 10 tips for Digital Transformation

Find out what your customer wants in real sense
than assuming what they want. Once you know that, prioritize the unmet needs of
the customer and take them head on.

Work with each senior
stakeholder, to quantify the extent to which their business function will
benefit from the digitization

1497817147_468_top-10-tips-for-digital-transformation Top 10 tips for Digital Transformation
If you work in silos,
then you will miss the rigor and advantage of digitization. Get each and every
senior stakeholder by your side by explaining them the benefit to their
function. Some companies have hired Chief Digital Officer to get organizational alignment.

Recruit right people with
right technology for success!!

top-10-tips-for-digital-transformation Top 10 tips for Digital Transformation

It all depends on how
expert your team is. If you don’t have right people on the job, then hire them
from outside. Technical expertise plays a significant role in digital

Avoid the cost of trying
to do it internally and then learning, bring in the expert to do the job!!

1497817147_290_top-10-tips-for-digital-transformation Top 10 tips for Digital Transformation

Ensure you have time on
your side. If you keep on learning by own mistakes you will miss the tide and
cost a business. Get an expert from outside if he/she is not available

Treat Digital as a new
born baby who takes over a year to walk on its own. Have patience to see the

1497817148_310_top-10-tips-for-digital-transformation Top 10 tips for Digital Transformation

Never expect the returns immediately. Digital Transformation requires proper nurturing like a baby hence set the expectations of senior management of RoI.

Establish and communicate
a clear vision of digital transformation for the business, and individual

Have a proper vision defined for organization and communicate it to all the levels of hierarchy to ensure everyone is on same page.

Fail Fast, Be flexible
and prepare to change your pace/direction if needed.

1497817148_76_top-10-tips-for-digital-transformation Top 10 tips for Digital Transformation
Finally be flexible and be happy to fail fast but learn quickly and move on to new ideas to try out.

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