Top UK Home Automation Deals Before Black Friday

In the build up to Black Friday and Cyber Monday you may be thinking that holding out is your best option for getting a deal on some nice automation tech – you are however mistaken! Online stores such as Amazon regularly run deals in the lead up to the big day and also include some discounts greater than those that will be available on Black Friday. Take a look now at Amazons Black Friday build up sale to see what I mean!

There are of course other deals to be found that don’t show up in Amazons Black Friday sale, hopefully some of these will take your fancy!

Amazon Echo Dot

Amazon want you to place Echo in every room in your house, the more rooms you have it in the more you are likely to use it all of the time. That’s why they are giving away 1 or 2 Echo’s depending on the number you purchase. Visit Amazon here and after adding 6 or 12 Echo’s to your basket, type in the promotional code DOT6PACK to get 1 free with a purchase of 6 Echo’s or DOT12PACK for 2 free with a purchase of 6.

Hive Active Heating & Hot Water

1484448908_20_top-uk-home-automation-deals-before-black-friday Top UK Home Automation Deals Before Black FridayHive is a heating system produced by Britsh Gas for the UK market. It allows you to control your heating, hot water and schedules all from your mobile device (similar to nest). It is currently one of Amazons best sellers in the category and is on sale at £178.99 (as well as other price points for different options). It also integrates with Amazon Echo so combine this with the Echo Dot deal to get your heating controlled by your voice!

Harmony Ultimate Remote Control

1484448908_203_top-uk-home-automation-deals-before-black-friday Top UK Home Automation Deals Before Black FridayWhat television and audio solution wouldn’t be improved by a Harmony remote? The universal remote can control almost any TV and sound system available, as well as other devices such as games consoles, Phillips Hue lighting and other IR devices (I have mine hooked up to control my IR fans) through the Harmony learning feature. It is currently available on sale for £130.30 saving you 43%.

Yale Keyless Smart Lock (with Z-Wave module)

1484448908_998_top-uk-home-automation-deals-before-black-friday Top UK Home Automation Deals Before Black FridayAdding smart tech to your door may seem like a step to far, but once you see the benefits you wouldn’t go back! With the Yale Keyless Smart Lock you can lock and unlock your door remotely, allow friends/family to enter by schedule and link it up to your existing Yale security system. It’s currently on sale at £159.99 giving you a discount of 17%.

Nest Security Camera

1484448909_535_top-uk-home-automation-deals-before-black-friday Top UK Home Automation Deals Before Black FridayKeeping your home safe and monitored can be a tricky task. Nest’s security camera keeps it simple by combining a mobile app that gives you notifications when motion is detected with a neat little camera. The camera features 1080p video and night vision. Currently reduced from £159 to £149 saving you 10%.

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