Withings Hair Coach – The Smart Hair Brush

Just when you thought device makers couldn’t possibly come up with another obscure IoT device, here comes the Withings Hair Coach! It is built in partnership with Kérastase and L’Oréal and is designed to give you “valuable insights” into your hair and how to improve it.

As soon as you start brushing your hair, the device begins collecting data. It features a microphone that listens to the sound of the brushing to identify patterns in movement. “3-axis load cells measure the force applied to the hair and the scalp when brushing,” the companies say – while conductivity sensors work out if the users hair is dry or wet. It also helps the user to analyse dryness, damage to their hair, tangling, and the gestures they use.

Once the user has brushed their hair, the device then sends the data over WiFi or Bluetooth to the mobile app. This data combined with other variables such as temperature and humidity are used to produce a “personalised care routine” and allows the tracking of hair quality over time.

Guive Balooch, from L’Oréal’s technology incubator said the brush has been designed to have a comfortable grip and be used every day. “By using connected technologies to upgrade the hairbrush,” Balooch says, “Withings and Kérastase have reinvented what a person’s relationship with their hair can look like and are showing how connected devices can revolutionise the beauty industry.”

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